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TOPIC: The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 14:56 #1

Illegal migrant trafficking and forced mass Immigration (into European Nations only) is now creating chaos throughout much of Europe, especially in Germany and Sweden, including parts of France and many other European countries too. A constant flood of boats arriving from mainly Africa reveals a structured network of pre-planned routes into Europe, with the eventual goal of completely displacing Europeans from their homelands, and replacing them with cheap labour from all over the third world. European Nations and their populations have already been dramatically transformed by decades of mass Third World immigration and the relentless promotion of ''diversity'' and multiculturalism by the mainstream media and it's ''progressive'' agenda.

This is no coincidence, and was all planned many years ago as laid out in the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, which is a plan for the systematic genocide of the native peoples of Europe.


The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. With this article we intend to prove once and for all, that this is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

The Pan-Europe

Few people know that one of the main initiators of the process of European integration, was also the man who designed the genocide plan of the Peoples of Europe. It is a dark person, whose existence is unknown to the masses, but the elite considers him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard Coudenhove Kalergi. His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis) and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama. Kalergi, thanks to his close contacts with all European aristocrats and politicians, due to the relationships of his nobleman-diplomat father, and by moving behind the scenes, away from the glare of publicity, he managed to attract the most important heads of state to his plan , making them supporters and collaborators for the “project of European integration”.

In 1922 he founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna, which aimed to create a New World Order, based on a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government. Among the first supporters, including Czech politicians Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš and the banker Max Warburg, who invested the first 60,000 marks. The Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel and the next president of Austria, Karl Renner, took the responsibility for leading the “Pan-European” movement. Later, French politicians, such as Léon Bloum, Aristide Briand, Alcide De Gasperi, etc will offer their help.

With the rise of Fascism in Europe, the project was abandoned and the “Pan-European” movement was forced to dissolve, but after the Second World War, Kalergi, thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the support of Winston Churchill, the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and major newspapers like the New York Times, the plan manages to be accepted by the United States Government. The CIA later undertakes the completion of the project.

The essence of the Kalergi plan

In his book «Praktischer Idealismus», Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.

Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians. Who is is this elite however? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]

Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union. The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity and create a single mestizo race, is the basis of all community policies that aim to protect minorities. Not for humanitarian reasons, but because of the directives issued by the ruthless Regime that machinates the greatest genocide in history. The Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize is awarded every two years to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan. Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.

The incitement to genocide, is also the basis of the constant appeals of the United Nations, that demands we accept millions of immigrants to help with the low birth rates of the EU. According to a report published on January 2000 in «Population division» Review of the United Nations in New York, under the title “Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population,” Europe will need by 2025 159,000,000 migrants.

One could wonder how there can be such accuracy on the estimates of immigration, although it was not a premeditated plan. It is certain that the low birth rate could easily be reversed with appropriate measures to support families. It is just as clear that it is the contribution of foreign genes do not protect our genetic heritage, but that it enables their disappearance. The sole purpose of these measures is to completely distort our people, to turn them into a group of people without national, historical and cultural cohesion. In short, the policies of the Kalergi plan was and still is, the basis of official government policies aimed at genocide of the Peoples of Europe, through mass immigration. G. Brock Chisholm, former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), proves that he has learned the lesson of Kalergi well when he says: “What people in all places have to do is to limit of birthrates and promote mixed marriages (between different races), this aims to create a single race in a world which will be directed by a central authority. ”

If we look around us, the Kalergi plan seems to be fully realized. We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race: “The children of Kalergi». Under the dual pressures of misinformation and humanitarian stupefaction, promoted by the MSM, the Europeans are being taught to renounce their origin, to renounce their national identity.

The servants of globalization are trying to convince us that to deny our identity, is a progressive and humanitarian act, that “racism” is wrong, because they want us all to be blind consumers. It is necessary, now more than ever, to counter the lies of the System, to awaken the revolutionary spirit Europeans. Every one must see this truth, that European Integration amounts to genocide. We have no other option, the alternative is national suicide.

Translator’s note: Although the reasons due to which Kalergi made the choices he made are of no particular interest to us, we will try to answer a question that will surely our readers have already asked: Why a European aristocrat with Flemish, Polish, Greek-Byzantine roots and even with some samurai blood in his veins (from his mother) was such body plans and organ in the hands of dark forces? The reasons, in our opinion, are multiple, idiosyncratic, psychological and … women.

We therefore observe a personality with strong snobbish attitudes, arrogance, and, allow me the term, “degenerate elitism.” Also, the fact that his mother was Asian, perhaps created internal conflicts and frustrations, something that can happen to people with such temperament. But the most decisive factor must have been the “proper teenager”, which incidentally of course, was beside him, and became his first woman (at age 13): The Jewess Ida Roland, who would later become a famous actress.


The award of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize to President Van Rompuy

On November 16th 2012, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize, during a special conference in Vienna, to celebrate 90 years of pan-European movement. The prize is awarded every two years to leading personalities for their outstanding contribution to the process of European integration.

A decisive factor that helped him win the prize was the balanced way in which President Van Rompuy executed his duties in the new position of President of the European Council, which was established by the Treaty of Lisbon. He handled this particularly sensitive leading and coordinating role with a spirit of determination and reconciliation, while emphasis was also given to his skilful arbitration on European affairs and unfailing commitment to European moral values.

During his speech, Mr Van Rompuy described the unification of Europe as a peace project. This idea, which was also the objective of the work of Coudenhove-Kalergi, after 90 years is still important. The award bears the name of Count Richard Nicolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), philosopher, diplomat, publisher and founder of the Pan-European Movement (1923). Coudenhove-Kalergi was the pioneer of European integration and popularized the idea of a federal Europe with his work.

Among the winners of the award, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (2010) and the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga (2006), are included.

This article is a translation of an Italian article, originally posted on Identità. www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 17:26 #2

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Whereabouts does that dude's work specifically mention the word genocide?
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 17:33 #3

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In order to continue - please tell us what you consider genocide to be. Feel free to respond with multiple possible scenarios.

Truth is anti-semitic
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 20:10 #4

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Thanks for starting this thread, Zorro.

In fact we also need a thread on the HOOTON PLAN or integrate the subject,
which is as CLOSELY connected with C-K's plan as can be. Same origin, same aim.

Only available in German and Português:

available in many languages but not in English :wissl:

=> translate.google.com/

Further C-K reference on TZ:

=> TOPIC: 2015 - Year of Coudenhove-Kalergi's Dream Come True ?

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Loads and loads of info and photos to be found in those links. :)

External links:

=> Balder 1 "Practical Idealism"

=> Balder 2

Sorry for the big font, but this subject is too important to miss a single info.

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 20:36 #5

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Voltaire wrote:

In order to continue - please tell us what you consider genocide to be. Feel free to respond with multiple possible scenarios.

I take it that he doesn't then.
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 22:25 #6

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 22:27 #7

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Lerner Spectre - the wife of a Talmudic Rabbi - is clearly on board.

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 01 Feb 2016 22:29 #8

Practical Idealism by Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi.

More English translation of the book Here
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 10:43 #9

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

Please take note of the video description!

Part 1 - 6: truth-zone.net/forum/researchers-and-presenters/65442-brian-ruhe.html?start=20#194155

Brian Ruhe is a Buddhist activist and occasional troublemaker. Please donate to support these videos and my work by going to www.generosity.com/fundraiser... or my website at www.brianruhe.ca linked on this YouTube channel and click on the PayPal Donate button. Even the smallest donation helps!

To see my diary of what I'm up to please send me a friend request and I'll accept you on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BrianRuhe . I am available for one-to-one counselling for $25/ half hour by Skype, phone or in person, on any matter. You can connect with me on Skype at: brianaruhe .

My most recent book is "A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH - A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth", is available in book or ebook form at Amazon.com at:


I was a Buddhist monk in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1995 - 1996 and I have been teaching Theravada Buddhism and meditation for 20 years. My first book from 1999, is "Freeing the Buddha," also at Amazon. I follow the Theravada Buddhist Forest tradition.

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 11:56 #10

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Zorro wrote:
Practical Idealism by Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi.

More English translation of the book Here

hi zorro - wanted to copy it here - it'll be easier to read - the page wasn't scrolling smoothly.

Practical Idealism by Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi
Coudenhove-Kalergi was a pioneer of European integration. He was the founder and President for 49 years of the Paneuropean Union. His parents were Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi, an Austro-Hungarian diplomat, and Mitsuko Aoyama, the daughter of an oil merchant, antiques-dealer, and huge landowner family in Tokyo.

His "Pan-Europa" was published in 1923 and contained a membership form for the Pan-Europa movement. Coudenhove-Kalergi's movement held its first Congress in Vienna in 1926. In 1927 the French Prime Minister, Aristide Briand was elected honorary president. Personalities attending included: Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann and Sigmund Freud. Figures who later became central to founding the EU, such as Konrad Adenauer became members.

His basic idea was that democracy was a transitional stage that leads to rule by a new aristocracy that is largely taken from the Jewish "master race" (Kalergi's terminology). His movement was reviled by Hitler and Hitler's response can be seen in his venom against Jews and Internationalists in Mein Kampf. It is likely that "Practical Idealism" provoked extreme anti-semitism and it was certainly a prime target for Nazi book burning. In many ways, as the authoritarian antithesis of Nazism, "Practical Idealism" is the missing part of the jigsaw of 1920s European politics. (See The European Civil War). However, despite this role in 1930s politics Coudenhove-Kalergi is greatly respected today in the EU as a founding father and the Europe Prize is awarded in his name.

Coudenhove-Kalergi was the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize in 1950. The 1972–1973 academic year at the College of Europe was named in his honour. Coudenhove-Kalergi proposed Beethoven's Ode to Joy as the music for the European Anthem. He also proposed a Europe Day and a European postage stamp.

This translation of only the first part of "Practical Idealism" is intended to give the reader a taste of Coudenhove-Kaleri's philosophy. It is the "great work" that inspired General de Gaulle and is the foundation of the EU.




2. JUNKER (Country Squire) -MAN OF LETTERS 12



Practical Idealism is heroism; practical materialism is eudaemonism ie: selfishness. Those who do not believe in ideals, have no reason to act idealistically; or to fight for ideals and to suffer. He who does not believe in ideals knows and recognizes only one value: desire; only one single evil: pain.

Heroism presupposes faith and commitment to the ideal: The belief that there are higher values ​​than pleasure and a greater evil than pain. This opposition runs through the whole of human history; it is the antithesis of Epicureans and Stoics. This contrast is much deeper than that between theists and atheists: for there were Epicureans, who believed in the gods, as Epicurus himself; and there were idealists who were atheists, like Buddha.

So this is not about believing in gods - but the belief in values. Materialism is presuppositionless - but unimaginative and uncreative; Idealism is always problematic and often becomes entangled in nonsense and madness: yet mankind owes its greatest works and deeds to the idealist.

Heroism is aristocracy of mind. Heroism is related to the aristocratic ideal, just as materialism is related to democracy.


Democracy believes more in number than in value, more in luck than in greatness. Hence political democracy can only be fruitful, and creative when it has smashed the pseudo-aristocracy of birth and gold to replace it with a new aristocracy of spirit and mind. The ultimate meaning of political democracy therefore is: intellectual aristocracy; the materialists want to create enjoyment, the idealists power. The leader is intended to take the place of the ruler - the noble sense in place of the noble name - the rich heart in place of the rich pocket. This is the meaning of any development that calls itself democratic.

Any other sense would be cultural suicide.

It is therefore no coincidence that Plato was also the prophet of the intellectual aristocracy and the socialist economy; and also the father of idealist philosophy. Because both aristocracy and socialism are: practical idealism. The ascetic idealism of the South revealed itself as religion; the heroic idealism of the North as technology because the environment of the North was a challenge to the people. Other nations submitted; the Europeans took on the challenge and fought. The European fought until he was strong enough to subdue the earth: he fought until he forced nature itself, which had challenged him, into his service. This struggle demanded heroism and begat heroism. So the hero was to Europe


what the saint was for Asia; and hero worship like the veneration of saints. The active Ideal took the place of the quiet, and it was considered greater to fight for an ideal, than to suffer.

The purpose of this heroic world mission in Europe has only been present since the modern era; because the technological age only begins with the modern age, it is the war of liberation against the winter. This technological age is also the age of work. The worker is the hero of our time; its opposite is not the citizens - but the parasite. The aim of the worker is work, of the parasite enjoyment. That is why modern-day technology leads to the heroism of the worker as practical idealist.

The political and social problems of the 20th century are playing catch up with the technological progress of the 19th. This requirement of time is difficult because the development of technology without a break in its rapid pace pushes the development of man and mankind ever further. This danger can be averted either by mankind slowing technical progress or by accelerating social progress. Otherwise they will lose their balance and overturn. The World War was a warning. Thus, with technology people have the alternative: suicide or understanding! That is why the development of the world will be without precedent in the coming decades.


Today's disproportion between technical and social organization will either lead to devastating disasters - or to a political progress that leaves all historical models behind for quickness and thoroughness and opens a new page in human history.

As the human impact of technology is felt the heroic have new ways of war and the consciousness of humanity begins to play out its historical role. Man's legacy is his work. Humanity will organize one day to wrest from the earth everything she still denies it today. Once one attains this view any war will be a civil war, and every murder is a murder. The age of war is then seen to be as barbaric as the era of cannibalism. This development will come when we believe in it and fight for it; if we are not short-sighted, losing sight of the main lines of development, if we are lucid, and have a clear knowledge of the impending struggles and difficulties then practical ways will be found to overcome the obstacles that lie between us and our goals and we will have the "heroic will" to overcome them. Only this optimism of the will is needed to defeat the pessimism of cognition.

Instead of remaining in the shackles of the outmoded present and idly dreaming of better opportunities we want to take an active part in the development of the world through practical idealism.

Vienna, November 1925.


1920 to the memory of my father Dr. Heinrich Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi in reverence and gratitude


1. LAND MAN - CITY DWELLER country and city are the two poles of human existence.

Country and city display their particular types of people: the rustic and urban people. Rustic man and Urban man are opposites psychologically. Farmers of different areas resemble each other emotionally often more than the citizens of the neighboring city. Between land and country, between town and city is space - between urban and rural areas time. Among European Rustic people there are living representatives of all ages: from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages; while only the cosmopolitan cities of the West have brought forth the extreme urban type, representative of modern civilization. So centuries, often millennia, separate a major city from the flat land that surrounds them. The Urban Man thinks differently, judges differently, feels differently, acts differently than the rustic man. The city life is abstract, mechanical, rational - country life concrete, organic, irrational. The townspeople are rationalist, skeptical, disbelieving - their rural compatriots are emotional, religious, superstitious.


All thoughts and feelings of the farmer crystallize around nature, he lives in symbiosis with the animal, the living creature of God, he is united with its landscape, depending on weather and season. The focal point of the urban soul is, however, society; it lives in symbiosis with the machine, the dead creature of man; the machine makes the city man independent of time and space, of the season and the climate. The country man believes in the power of nature over man - the city man believes in the power of man over nature. The rustic man is a natural product, the Urban Human a national product; one sees the purpose, extent and peaks in the world in the cosmos, the other in humanity. The rustic man is conservative by nature - the Urban Human advanced by society. All progress emerges from cities and city-dwellers. The city man himself is usually the product of a revolution within a rural race which broke with its rustic tradition, moved to the big city and there began a life on a new basis. The city robbed its residents of enjoyment of natural beauty; in compensation it offers art. Theater, concerts, galleries are surrogates for the eternal and changing beauty of the landscape. After a day's work full of ugliness the art institutions offer the townspeople beauty in concentrated form. In the country they are easily dispensable. - Nature is the extensive, art intensive manifestation of beauty. The nature of urban people


is dominated by desire; whilst the nature of the rustic people is one of steady fulfillment. Therefore the townspeople are mainly romantic, the country people classical. The social (Christian) morality is an urban phenomenon because it is a function of human society. The typical city dweller combines Christian morality with irreligious skepticism, rationalist materialism and mechanistic atheism. The belief that results from this is that of socialism: the religion of the modern metropolis. To the rustic barbarians of Europe Christianity is little more than a reprint of paganism with a different mythology and new superstitions; - a true religion is belief in nature, on the strength of fate. Urban and rural people do not know each other; they distrust and misunderstand each other and live in veiled or outright hostility. There are many tags under which this basic antagonism is hidden: Red and Green International; Industrialism and agrarianism; Progress and reaction; Judaism and anti-Semitism. All cities draw their strength from the land; all land draws its culture from the city. The country is the soil from which the cities are renewed; it is the source that feeds them; the root from which they flourish. Cities grow and die: the land is eternal.



Literally the flower of rustic people is the country gentry, the Junkers. The flower of Urban People is the intellectual, the man of letters. Country and city are known for their specific peak types: nobility of the will in the rural type as against the nobility of the spirit in the city type, blood nobility against brain aristocracy. The typical Junker combines maximum character with a minimum of intellect whilst the typical literati has a maximum of intellect with a minimum of character. Not always and everywhere did the landed gentry lack intellect or the city nobility lack character; as in the modern era in England and at one time in Germany the blue-blooded minstrels were an excellent cultural element; elsewhere the Catholic "spirit nobility" of Jesuits and the Chinese intellectual nobility of mandarins in its heyday, showed as much character as spirit. The Junker and literati are peaks of the types that contrast rustic and urban people. The typical occupation of the Junker caste is the Officer and the typical profession of the literary caste is professional journalism.


The Junker officer remained, mentally and spiritually, standing on the stage of the knight. Hard on themselves and others, dutiful, energetic, steadfast, conservative and limited, he lives in a world of dynastic, militaristic, national and social prejudices. With a deep distrust of all things modern, against city, democracy, socialism, internationalism, he combines an equally deep faith in his blood, his honor and the belief of his fathers. He despises the townspeople, especially the Jewish writers and journalists. The literary man rushes ahead of his time; unprejudiced he represents modern ideas in politics, art and business. He is progressive, skeptical, witty, versatile, changeable; is Eudämonist, rationalist, socialist, materialist. He overvalues the mind, and undervalues body and character and therefore despises the Junker as backward barbarians. The nature of the Junker is rigidity of the will - the being of the literati is mobility of mind. Junker and literati are born rivals and opponents.

Where the Junker caste prevails, all must give way to a spirit of violence; in such reactionary times the political influence of intellectuals is absent or at least limited. Where there is the literary caste, the violence must give way to the spirit: Democracy triumphs over feudalism, socialism triumphs over militarism. The hatred by the literati of the aristocracy and the aristocracy of the literati in Germany is rooted in misunderstanding. Each sees only the dark side of the other and is blind to its advantages. The psyche of the rustic Junkers remains closed to understanding the literati forever, as the soul of the literati remains closed to rustic people.


The youngest lieutenant has learnt to look with contempt upon the leading minds of modern literature and even leading journalists only have contempt for outstanding officers. Through this double misunderstanding of foreign mentalities militaristic Germany underestimated the resilience of the urban masses against the war and revolutionary Germany underestimated the resilience of the rustic masses against the Revolution. The country's leaders misjudged the psyche of the city and its inclination to pacifism - the leaders of the cities misjudged the psyche of the country people and their tendency to react: and so Germany lost the war, then the revolution.

The dichotomy of the Junkers and the literati is in the fact that these two types are extremes, not the mainstream of blood and mental nobility. Because the highest manifestation of blood aristocracy is the grand seigneur and genius is the summit of nobility of the spirit. These two aristocrats are not only compatible: they are related. Caesar, the completion of the Grand Seigneur, was the most brilliant Roman; Goethe, the summit of genius, was of all the German poets the most grand seigneur. Here, as everywhere, the intermediate qualities allow them to touch the summit. The consummate aristocrat is an aristocrat of both the will and the mind, but is neither Junker nor literati. He combines vision with willpower. Judgment with vigor, spirit and character. Where there are no synthetic personalities the diverging aristocrats of will and of mind should complement one another


rather than fight. In Egypt, India and Chaldea priests and kings (intellectuals and warriors) once ruled together. The priest bowed before the force of will, the kings before the power of the Spirit: brains showed the goals and arms paved paths.


The blood and spirit nobility of Europe created their specific types: in England the Gentleman; in France the mind of the noble bohemian. Gentleman and bohemian meet in an effort to escape the dreary ugliness of philistine existence: the Gentleman becomes overcome by style, the Bohemian by temperament. The Gentleman is the formlessness of life form - contrary to the bohemian life of colorless color. The gentleman brings order to the disorder of human relations - the bohemian freedom to bondage. The beauty of the gentleman's ideal is based on form, style and harmony: it is static, classical, Apollonian. The beauty of the bohemian ideals is based on temperament, freedom and vitality: it is dynamic, romantic, Dionysian. The gentleman idealized and stylized his wealth - the bohemian idealized and stylized his poverty. The Gentleman is set to tradition, the bohemian to protest: the essence of the gentleman is conservative -


the essence of bohemian revolutionary. The mother of the Gentleman-Ideal is England, the most conservative country in Europe. The cradle of the Bohemian is France, the most revolutionary country in Europe. The gentleman-ideal is the life of a caste - the bohemian ideal is the life of individuals. The gentleman-ideal has taken England back to the Roman Stoa - the bohemian ideal has taken France back to the Greek agora. The Roman statesmen approached the gentleman type, the Greek philosophers the Bohemian type: Caesar and Seneca were gentlemen, Socrates and Diogenes bohemians. The focus of the Gentleman is in the physical-psychological - the bohemian is spirit: the gentleman may be a fool and the bohemian a criminal. Both ideals are human crystallization phenomena: as the crystal can form only in a non-rigid environment so these two ideals owe their existence to English and French freedom.

In imperial Germany the atmosphere was lacking for the crystallization of personal awareness: therefore it could develop no equal Ideal. The German gentleman lacked the style, and the grace and suppleness for the bohemian temperament. Since he could not find any reasonable way of life, the German looked to his poetry for ideal incarnations of the German character: and found a physical-psychic Ideal in the young Siegfried, and a spiritual ideal in the old Faust. Both ideals were romantically anachronistic: this distortion of reality froze the lieutenant as the romantic ideal


Siegfried for the Prussian officer and the professor as the romantic ideal Faust for the German scholar. In place of organic ideals the mechanical occurred: the officer representing the mechanization of the psyche: the frozen Siegfried; the Professor the mechanization of the spirit: the frozen Faust. Wilhelmine Germany was proudest of the officer and professor classes. In them Germany saw the flower of the nation, like England in its political leaders and the Latin peoples in their artists.

To achieve higher development the German people must revise its ideals: its energy has to go beyond the military-sidedness and go wider for political and human diversity; the German mind must go beyond purely scientific tightness and wider for the synthesis of the poetic. In the nineteenth century the German people believed that two men embodied the highest styles: Bismarck, the hero of the fact and Goethe, the hero of the spirit. Bismarck renewed, deepened and revived the kitsch Siegfried-Ideal - Goethe renewed, deepened and revived the dusty faust-Ideal. Bismarck had the good qualities of the German officer - without their faults; Goethe had the good qualities of the German scholars - without their faults. In Bismarck, the superiority of the statesman overcomes the limitations of the officer - in Goethe the superiority of the poet-thinker overcomes the narrowness of the scholars: in the


organic personality ideal is the man and in the mechanical the puppet. Through his exemplary personality Bismarck has done more for the development of the Germans than by his Empire; through his Olympic existence Goethe gave the German people a gift richer than his own: because of Faust only a fragment of Goethe's humanity gave rise to Goetz, Werther, Master and Tasso. But Germany should be careful not to sentimentalize and pull down these two living examples, making from Bismarck a sergeant and turning Goethe into a schoolmaster. Through following these two summits of German humanity Germany could grow and be healthy; it can learn active and contemplative dimensions, energy and wisdom. Because Bismarck and Goethe are the two focal points that could form a new German lifestyle that would be Western ideals without peer.



The rustic man is a product of inbreeding and the Urban man is hybrid. Parents and ancestors of farmers usually come from the same, sparsely populated area; the nobles from the same small upper class. In both cases, the ancestors are mutually related by blood and therefore mostly physically, mentally, spiritually similar. Consequently, they pass on their common traits and there is a tendency for will, passions, prejudices, inhibitions to occur at heightened levels in their children and descendants. The traits that result from this inbreeding are: loyalty, filial piety, a sense of family, caste, resistance, stubbornness, energy, narrowness; power of prejudice, lack of objectivity, narrowness of the horizon. Here there is no variation from the previous generation but simply its repetition: conservation takes the place of development.

In the big city international races are encountered. As a rule, the Urban man is a mongrel of a variety of social and national elements. They have the opposite characteristics, prejudices, inhibitions, will tendencies and ideologies from their parents and ancestors or at least these are weakened.


The result is that many hybrids of character combine such as lack of restraint, weakness, instability, and impiety faithlessness with objectivity, versatility, mental activity, freedom from prejudice and width of the horizon. Mongrels always differ from their parents and ancestors; each generation is a variation of the previous one, either in the sense of evolution or degeneration.

The inbred man is the single minded man and the mongrel the man with a large soul. In any individual his ancestors live on as elements of his soul: if they are near to one another, then the soul is uniform, monotonous; if they are distant then the man is diverse, complicated, differentiated. The size of a spirit lies in its extensiveness, which is in its ability to capture and embrace everything; the size of a character is its intensity, which is its ability to be strong, focused and resistant. Thus, in a sense, wisdom and energy are contradictions. The ability and inclination of people to look at things as a sage from all sides and without prejudice to positions on each point - weakens the volitional impulse to act out safely in a specified direction: for each subject it is possible to oppose countermotives , each faith skepticism, and to see the cosmic motionlessness in each action.

Being active may describe the limited, one-sided man. But there is not only an unconscious,


naivity: there is also a conscious, heroic stupidity. The heroic are temporarily limited from all sides of their nature except for the one that determines his actions - and to this type are all truly great men of action. Before or after his act he may be more objective, critical, skeptical: but during the act he is subjective, a believer, one-sided, unfair. Wisdom inhibits energy - energy denies wisdom. The strongest will is ineffective if it is directionless; a weak will can trigger the strongest effect when it is one-sided. There is no life without error, mistakes and debt: who is afraid to bear this stigma will stay in the realm of thought, of contemplation, of passivity.

Truthful people are always silent: because every claim is, in a sense, a lie; pure hearted people are always inactive: because every act is, in a sense, wrong. Bravery is but to speak when the risk is a lie; to do and to act risks injustice. Inbreeding strengthens the character, weakens the spirit - cross breeding weakens the character, strengthens the mind. Where inbreeding and crossbreeding meet under happy auspices, they bear witness to the highest type of human being the strongest character combines with the sharpest mind. Where inbreeding and mixture come together under unfortunate auspices they create degenerative types of weak character and dull mind. Man will be hybrid in the distant future. Today's races and castes are the increasingly falling victim


to the fact that space, time and Prejudice are being overcome. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptian, will replace the diversity of peoples with a variety of personalities. According to the laws of inheritance difference increases with the diversity of ancestors and the monotony of offspring with the monotony of their ancestors.

In inbred families one child is like another because all represent a common family type. In hybrid families the children differ strongly from each other: each forms a new variation of divergent parental and ancestral elements. Inbreeding creates characteristic types - crossing creates original patterns.

The precursor of the planetary man of the future is the Russian Slavic-Tatar-Finnish mongrel of modern Europe; because he, among all the peoples of Europe, is the race of the typical multi-soul people with a wide ranging, encompassing soul. His strongest antipode is the insular Briton, the highly bred single minded man whose strength typically lies in the character, in the will - he provides modern Europe with the most closed, perfect type: the Gentleman.


5. pagan and Christian MENTALITY

Two soul forms struggle for world domination: Paganism and Christianity. The denominations that bear this name only have very superficial relationships to the that soul forms. If the focus of the Dogmatic Ethical, is transferred from the mythological to the Psychological, then Buddhism converts to Ultra-Christianity while Ämericanism appears as modernized Paganism. The Orient is the main carrier of the Christian, the Occident the main carrier of the pagan mentality: the "pagan" Chinese are better Christians than the "Christian" Germans.

Paganism places vigor at the forefront of ethical value scale, Christianity love. The Christian ideal is the loving saint, the pagan ideal the conquering hero. Christianity wants to convert into a homo domesticus, the pet man, while Paganism wants to convert man to superman homo ferus, the predator man. Christianity will tame Tiger Cats - paganism turns cats to tigers. The high priest of modern Christianity was Tolstoy;


the high priest of modern paganism Nietzsche. The Germanic Edda religion was pure paganism. Under a Christian mask, they lived on, in the Middle Ages as a gallant, in modern times as an imperialist and militarist ideology. Edda were officers, Junker, colonizers. Captains of industry are the leading representatives of modern paganism. Energy, courage, greatness, freedom, power, glory and honor: these are the ideals of paganism; while love, gentleness, humility, compassion, and self-denial are Christian ideals. The antithesis: paganism-Christianity coincides with neither antithesis: Rustic man-Urban man nor inbred-crossbred.

Undoubtedly, however, rural areas favor pagan barbarism and inbred development and urban civilization favours cross breeding and the development of a Christian mentality. Universal pagan individualism is only possible in thinly populated regions of the earth, where the individual can assert themselves and develop ruthlessly and being different from his fellow man. In crowded areas, where man comes up against man, the socialist principle of mutual support should complement the individualistic principle of the struggle for existence and, in part, displace it. Christianity and socialism are international big city products. Christianity as a world religion took its output from the faceless world city of Rome; socialism of the nationally mixed industrial cities of the West. Both expressions of Christian mentality are based on internationalism. Resistance to Christianity was greatest in the rural population


of pagans; just as today it is the rural population which has the strongest resistance to the realization of a socialist way of life. Always sparsely populated, northern areas were centres of pagan volition whilst densely populated southern areas were hotbeds Christian feeling. Where the contrast between Eastern and Western spiritual life is talked of today it is mostly seen as a conflict between the people of the South and the North.

The Japanese, the northernmost culture Orientale, often approaches the Occidentals; while the mentality of Süditalieners and South Americans is oriental. For the states of the soul latitude appears to be more decisive than longitude. Not only the geographic location but the historical development seems determinative of the soul of a people. The Chinese, like the Jewish people, feel more Christian than the Germanic, because their cultural past is older.

The Teuton is closer in time to savages than the Chinese or Jew; these two ancient civilizations were able to thoroughly emancipate themselves from the pagan natural conception of life because they had at least three millennia longer to do so. Paganism is a symptom of cultural youth, Christianity a symptom cultural age. Three peoples: Greeks, Romans, Jews, each, in his own way, conquered the ancient civilized world. First the aesthetic-philosophical people of the Greeks: in the Hellenistic period; then the practical-political people of the Romans: the Imperium Romanum; finally the ethical-religious nation of the Jews: with Christianity.


Christianity, (John), through the ethical Jewish Essenes and spiritually Jewish Alexandrians (Philo) regenerated Jewry. As far as Europe is Christian, it is (in the ethical and spiritual sense) Jewish; as far as Europe is moral, it is Jewish. Almost all European ethics are rooted in Judaism. All champions of religious or irreligious Christian morality, from Augustine to Rousseau, Kant and Tolstoy, were Jews by choice in the spiritual sense; Nietzsche is the only non-Jewish, the only pagan ethicist in Europe. The most prominent and the foremost proponents of Christian ideas which are present in its modern reincarnation are pacifism and socialism, and these are Jewish.

To the east the Chinese people are ethical par excellence (as opposed to the aesthetic and heroic Japanese and the religious-speculative Indians) and the Jewish in the West. God was the head of state of the ancient Jews, their moral law was Civil Code, sin was crime. Judaism remained faithful over the course of millennia to the idea of theocracy, the identification of politics and ethics: Christianity and Socialism are both attempts to build a kingdom of God. Two thousand years ago the Christians, not the Pharisees and Sadducees were heirs and innovators of the Mosaic tradition; today it is neither the Zionists nor the Christians, but the Jewish leaders of Socialism: because they too want pay off the original sin of capitalism with the highest self-denial, redeem the people from injustice, redeem us from violence and slavery and transform the world to an earthly paradise.


The Jewish prophets of the present are preparing a new world era, in particular to make the Ethical primary: in politics, religion, philosophy and art. From Moses to Weininger ethics is the main problem of Jewish philosophy. In this basic ethical attitude to the world is a root of the unique greatness of the Jewish people - at the same time there is the danger that Jews who have lost their belief in ethics sink to cynical egoists: whilst people of other mentality still have an abundance chivalrous values ​​and prejudices left over, even after losing their ethical attitude (man of honor, gentleman, cavalier etc.), to protect them from the fall into chaotic values. How the Jews mainly differ from the average city dwellers is that they are an inbred people. Strength of character associated with mental acuity predestined the finest specimens of the Jews to guide urban humanity in revolution, those who lacked the real spirit of aristocrats became the protagonists of capitalism.





Our democratic era is a miserable interlude between two great aristocratic eras: the feudal aristocracy of the sword and the social aristocracy of spirit. The feudal aristocracy is in decline, the aristocracy of the intellect is in the making. The interlude is called democratic, but in truth it is dominated by the pseudo aristocracy of money. In Europe in the Middle Ages the urban citizens were ruled by a rural Knight, a pagan mentality was imposed on the Christian, the bloodline over the brain aristocracy. The superiority of the knight over the citizens was based on body and strength of character, on strength and courage. Two inventions have conquered the Middle Ages and opened the modern era: the invention of gunpowder meant the end of he rule of the Knights, the invention of printing was the dawn of mental domination. Body strength and courage lost their crucial importance in the struggle for existence after the introduction of firearms : spirit became the decisive weapon in the struggle for power and freedom.


The printing press gave the spirit a means of power of unlimited scope, it placed the writer at the heart of reading and so raised the writer to be the spiritual leader of the masses. Gutenberg has taken the reins of power and defeated the sword. Using printer's ink Luther has conquered a bigger empire than any German emperor.

In the era of enlightened despotism rulers and statesmen obeyed the ideas that came from thinkers. The writers of that time formed an intellectual aristocracy of Europe. The victory of absolutism over feudalism meant the first victory of the town over the country and also, in the fall of the warrior class, the first stage in the victorious advance of the spirit over nobility. In place of the medieval dictatorship of the country over the city arose the modern dictatorship of the city over the land. With the French Revolution, which broke with the privileges of blood nobility, began the second era of the emancipation of the mind. Democracy is based on the optimistic assumption that a spiritual nobility could be recognized and chosen by the majority of the people. Now we stand at the threshold of the third epoch of modern times: socialism. It is also based on the urban class of industrial workers, led by the aristocracy of revolutionary writers. It decreases the influence of blood nobility and leads to the growing influence of the Spirit nobility. This development, and so the chaos of modern politics will only then come to an end until a spiritual


aristocracy harnesses the power and resources of society whether bread, powder, gold or printing ink for the benefit of the general public. A decisive step towards this goal occurred in the form of Russian Bolshevism, where a small group of communist spirit aristocrats ruled the country and consciously broke with the plutocratic democracy that dominates the rest of the world today. The struggle between capitalism and communism over the legacy of the defeated blood aristocracy is a fratricidal war within the victorious brain aristocracy, a fight between individualistic and socialist, selfish and altruistic, pagan and Christian spirit. The general staff of both parties is recruited from the spiritual leader race in Europe: Judaism. Capitalism and communism are both rationalist, both mechanistic, both abstract, both urban. The nobility of the sword has finally played out. The effect of the spirit, the power of the spirit, the belief in the spirit, the hope for the spirit is growing: and with them a new nobility.



At the dawn in the course of the modern era the blood nobility of the Court had the atmosphere of a spiritual nobility poisoned by capitalism. Since the end of the age of chivalry the aristocracy of continental Europe is, with scant exceptions, in a state of progressive decadence. The noble has lost his physical and mental benefits through urbanization. At the time of feudalism the hereditary upper class man was called by the ruler to protect his country against enemy attacks and assaults. The nobleman was free and self-conscious to subordinates, equals, superiors; King on his own land, he was able to develop his personality freely on chivalric principles. Absolutism changed this situation: the nobility who opposed absolutism, free, proud and brave, insisted on their historic rights, and were, as far as it went, cut off; the rest were taken to court and forced there in a shiny bondage. This court nobility was not free and depended on the whims of the ruler and his clique; so he had to lose his best characteristics: character, desire for freedom, pride, leadership.


To break the character and thus the resistance of the French nobility Louis XIV lured them to Versailles. The great revolution was the completion of this work. Only in those countries of Europe where the nobility was faithful to its knightly mission, leaders and champions of national opposition against monarchical despotism and foreign domination, did there remain a noble leader type: in England, Hungary, Poland and Italy. Since the conversion of European culture from the knightly and rustic to the bourgeois and urban the blood nobility remained spiritually and culturally behind the bourgeoisie. War, politics and the management of his estates were so demanding that his mental abilities and interests were often stunted. These historical causes of the twilight of modern nobility were compounded by the physiological. Instead of the harsh, medieval military service modern times brought the nobility mostly an unearned life of luxury; from the most secure status the inheritance of the nobility gradually became the most threatened; In addition there were the degenerative effects of excessive inbreeding, which the English nobility escaped by frequent mix with real blood. Through the interaction of these circumstances the physical, psychological and spiritual type of the erstwhile nobility collapsed. The brain nobility could not replace the blood nobility, because he was also in a crisis,


in a state of decay. Democracy was born out of embarrassment: not because people did not want the nobility, but because they could not see the point of them. Once a new, genuine nobility is constituted, democracy will disappear by itself. Because England has genuine nobility, it remained, despite its democratic constitution, aristocratic. The academic brain nobles of Germany, were, a century ago, leaders of the opposition to absolutism and feudalism, the champions of modern and liberal ideas, but are now the main opponents of spiritual and political renewal.

This pseudo-aristocratic spirit of Germany was the defender of capitalism and the advocate of war and militarism in the Revolution. His key words: nationalism, militarism, anti-Semitism, alcoholism, are also the watchwords in the fight against the Spirit. Your responsibility and mission: to replace the feudal nobility and prepare the mind nobility that has been denied and betrayed by the academic intelligentsia. The journalistic intelligentsia has also betrayed its leaders Mission. She who was called to become spiritual leader and teacher of the masses to supplement and improve what has failed to be taught by a backward educational system - mostly became the slave of capital. Your character broke under the pressure, instead of its own convictions to represent and defend the foreign - their minds blunted by the overproduction which is forced on them by their profession. As the orator of antiquity, so the journalist of

modern times is the focus of the State machine: it moves voters, the voters, the deputies, the deputies the Minister. So to the journalist falls the highest political responsibility for everything done: and he, as a typical example of urban spinelessness, avoids most of all his obligations and responsibilities. School and press are the two points from which the world could be bloodlessly renewed and ennobled without violence. The school nurtures or poisons the soul of the child; the press feeds or poisons the soul of the adult. School and press are both now in the hands of a non-spiritual intelligence: to return them to the hands of the Spirit would be the highest duty of every ideal policy, each ideal revolution. The ruling dynasties of Europe have fallen due to inbreeding; the Plutocracy by luxurious living. The blue blooded degenerated because he was minister of the monarchy; the spiritual nobility degenerated because he was the servant of capital. Both aristocracies had forgotten that responsibility associated with each preference, with each award and exceptional position. You have forgotten the motto of all true nobility: "Noblesse oblige!" They wanted to enjoy the fruits of their privileged position without their obligations; felt themselves to be masters and supervisors, not to be leaders and role models to their fellow man instead giving of the people new goals. To advance their careers, they could be abused by rulers and capitalists into tools of their interests, to luxury, honors and money they sold their souls, their blood and brain.


The old nobility of the blood and of the brain has further lost the claim to be considered as the aristocracy, for it lacks the character of all true nobility: character, freedom, responsibility, the threads which they combined with their people, they have cut: by snobbery on the one hand, education and conceit on the other side. It is in the sense of historical nemesis that the great deluge, which has its origin from Russia, will come in a bloody or bloodless way to clean the world of the usurpers who want to maintain their preferred positions, as they have long since lost their former conditions.



Plutocracy is the low point of blood and spirit nobility, it was not surprising that a third class of men temporarily seized power per se: the plutocracy. The constitutional form which replaced feudalism and absolutism was democracy; the plutocratic form of rule. Today democracy is a facade for plutocracy: because the people would not tolerate naked plutocracy, the nominal power is left to them, whilst the actual power rests in the hands of plutocrats. In republican as in monarchical democracies the statesmen are puppets of capitalist masterminds: they dictate the guidelines of the policy, they control voters through the purchase of public opinion, through business and social relations they control the Minister. In place of the feudal social structure is the plutocratic system: birth is no longer decisive for social position but income. The plutocracy of today is more powerful than the aristocracy of yesterday: because nobody is above it in the country which is their tool and accomplice. When there was real blood nobility, the system of the


birth the aristocracy was more equitable than today, the money aristocracy: for then the ruling caste had a sense of responsibility, culture, tradition whilst for the class that prevails today all responsibility feeling, all culture and tradition is related to money. Scattered exceptions do not change this fact. While the ideology of feudalism was heroic-religious, the plutocratic society knows no higher values ​​than money and good living: the validity of a person is taxed according to what he has, not according to what he is. Yet in a sense, are the leaders of the plutocracy are an aristocracy, an elite: as for large assets, in my experience are a number of excellent characteristics needed: energy, prudence, wisdom, presence of mind, initiative, boldness and generosity. Because of these advantages, the successful big businessmen have modern conqueror natures, their superior will and mental power brought them victory against the mass of inferior competitors. However, this superiority of plutocrats is only valid within the acquiring human class - it disappears immediately when these excellent moneymakers are measured against the outstanding representatives of ideal professions. So it is right that an able industrialist or merchant materially and socially ascends higher than his incompetent colleagues - but it is unfair that their social power and prestige is higher than that of an artist, scholar, politician, writer, teacher, judge, doctor which is equally capable in his profession as that, but has more ideal and more social objectives


served by its capabilities: so that in the present social system, the selfish materialistic mentality is rewarded more than an altruistic ideal. This preference for selfish drive, for the materialistic against the altruistic, idealistic and materialistic is the fundamental evil of the capitalist social structure; while the true aristocrats of the mind and heart: the wise and kindly, live in poverty and powerlessness, selfish people violently usurp the leadership position to which those would be appointed. So plutocracy is an energetic and intellectual aristocracy - in ethical and spiritual relationships it is pseudo-aristocracy; within the acquisition classes it is aristocracy - measured against more ideal professions it is pseudo-aristocracy. As the aristocracy of blood and the Spiritis in decline, so also the monied are currently in a decline period. The sons and grandsons of those great entrepreneurs whose will, steeled by hardship and work, had carried them up from nowhere to power, now live mostly in limp luxury and inaction. Its not often they inherited the paternal drive or sublimated it to more spiritual and ideal work. The Plutocrats lack that tradition and belief, that conservative rustic spirit that had once kept the noble families for centuries before they suffered degeneration. Weak followers take over the power heritage of their fathers without the gifts of mind and will, by which it had been acquired. Power and efficiency come into conflict: and so undermine the inner justification of capitalism. Historical developments have accelerated this natural


decline. Borne aloft by the boom of the war a new profiteer-plutocracy began to decompose and displace the old entrepreneur plutocracy. As the wealth of the entrepreneur grew so did the national wealth, but the natioanl wealth sinks as the profiteer-plutocrat gets richer. Entrepreneurs are leaders of the economy - the profiteers are parasites: Entrepreneurship is more productive - the profiteers are unproductive capitalism. The current boom facilitates unscrupulous, shameless and unscrupulous people making money. For the profiteer speculation and profits, luck and ruthlessness are as indispensable as outstanding will and intellectual gifts. So the modern profiteer-plutocracy represented rather a Kakistokratic character as an aristocracy of ability. Due to the increasing blurring of the boundaries between entrepreneurship and profiteers, capitalism is compromised and pulled down in front of the Forum of the spirit and the general public. No aristocracy can assert itself constantly without moral authority. Once the ruling class ceases to be symbol of ethical and aesthetic values, their fall is unstoppable. The plutocracy is, compared to other aristocracies, poor in aesthetic values. They fulfilled the political functions of an aristocracy, without the cultural values ​​of nobility to offer. Wealth, however, is tolerable only in the dress of beauty, justified only as a carrier of an aesthetic culture. Meanwhile, the new plutocracy were enveloped in desolate taste and


intrusive ugliness: their wealth is barren and repulsive. The European plutocracy, in contrast to the americans, neglected their ethical mission as much as their aesthetic: social benefactions on a grand scale are as sparse as patrons. Instead their raison d'être was justified by social capitalism, in the summary of the fragmented national wealth to generous works of creative humanity - the plutocrats feel justified in their overwhelming majority, and irresponsibly rebuild their luxurious lives on mass poverty. Instead of trustees of humanity they are exploiters, instead of leaders misleaders. Through this lack of aesthetic and ethical culture, the plutocracy not only attracts the hatred, but also the contempt of public opinion and their spiritual leaders too: because she did not understand it to be noble, they must fall. The Russian revolution meant beginning of the end for the plutocratic period of history. Even if Lenin subject to doubt, his shadow will dominate the twentieth century, as the French Revolution, in spite of its breakdown determines the development of the nineteenth: never had feudalism and absolutism abdicated voluntarily in continental Europe before the end of the French nobility and the king. So it is the sword of Damocles that Bolshevik terror quickly succeeds to soften the hearts of the plutocrats and make social demands more accessible than in two thousand years of the gospel of Christ.



Nobility is based on physical, mental, spiritual beauty; beauty in perfect harmony and increased vitality: who is above his contemporaries, is an aristocrat. The old aristocratic type is dying out; the new not yet constituted, meantime we are destitute of great personalities: of beautiful people; of noble people. Meanwhile imitators of sunken nobility occupy the place of the former aristocracy and fill it with the contents of their paltry bourgeois. The strong vitality of erstwhile nobility has passed to upstarts: but they lack its forms, its nobility, its beauty. Nevertheless the future of nobility does not need to despair. Humanity will go forward, they need leaders, teachers, guides; fulfillments of what is needed to be; precursors of their future elevation to higher spheres. Without pain there is no evolution. Policy that allows people to flourish can occur democratically but evolutionist policy must be aristocratic.


To ascend and go forward targets are needed; to achieve goals, people are needed to put the goals that lead to objectives: aristocracy. The aristocrat as a leader is a political concept; the nobleman as an example of an aesthetic ideal. The highest requirement demands that aristocracy with nobility, leadership coincides with a model: that perfect man falls to the leadership. From the mass of European humanity, two quality races stand out: blood aristocracy and Jewry. Separated from each other, they both hold firmly to the belief in their higher mission, of their better blood, to human differences in rank. In these two heterogeneous preference breeds the core of the future European nobility lies: in the feudal blood aristocracy, as far as he, as far as he did not let himself be corrupted by capital or the court and in the Jewish brain aristocracy. As a guarantee of a better future remains a small residual morally upstanding rustic aristocracy and a small battle group of revolutionary intelligentsia. Here the communion between Lenin, the man from rural gentry, Trotsky, and the Jewish literary man grows, here the contrasts of character and spirit, from squire and man of letters, of rustic and urban, pagan and Christian people reconcile the creative synthesis of revolutionary aristocracy. A step forward in the spiritual would be enough to provide the best elements of blood nobility, who preserved in the country of their physical and moral health from the effects of the depraved court atmosphere, in the service of the new human liberation. Because on this opinion predestines her


traditional courage, their anti-bourgeois and anti-capitalist mentality, their sense of responsibility, their contempt of material benefit, their stoic training of the will, their integrity, their idealism. Directed into more spiritual and more free tracks, the powerful noble energies that were previously supporting the reaction could regenerate to new heights and natural leaders testify that connect inflexibility of will with magnanimity and selflessness; and rather than exponents of the bourgeoisie to serve capitalist interests, enter into an alliance with the representatives of the tapered spirit nobility to the liberation and refinement of mankind. In Europe for centuries policy was a priviledge of the nobility. The nobility formed an international political caste, were groomed in the diplomatic talents. For many generations of European blood aristocracy living in a political atmosphere of the middle class has been kept deliberately. On his estates of nobility learned the art of governance, human treatment - the leading state posts at home and abroad the art of dealing wit people. Politics is art, not science; their focus is more on instinct than intellect, more in the unconscious than in the conscious. Political talent can awaken and educate, never learn. Genie breaks all the rules: in political talent the nobility are richer than the middle class. Because in order to acquire knowledge, one single life is enough: to breed instincts, we need the cooperation of many generations. In the sciences and fine arts, the bourgeoisie dominates in talent but the nobility dominates in politics, the ratio is reversed.


Therefore, it is that the democracies of Europe often entrust their foreign policy to descendants of its nobility, because it is in the public interest to use the gene pool of political talent that has accumulated in the nobility over the centuries available to the general public. The political skills of the nobility are not least due to its strong blood mixture. Because these national miscegenation often expands his horizons and so paralyzed the evil consequences simultaneous box-inbred. The vast majority of poor aristocrats combines the disadvantages of the mix with those of inbreeding: lack of character with mental poverty; while in the rare highlights of modern aristocracy, the best of both worlds meet: character with spirit. Intellectually, these days between the extreme right (conservative Blutadel) and the extreme left (revolutionary spirit nobility) there is a huge difference in level, while in character these apparent extremes meet. But it is all intellectuals, conscious on the surface - all characteristic, unconscious in the depths of personality. Insights and opinions are easier to form and to form a character and will directions. Lenin and Ludendorff are in their political ideals antagonists: in their attitude will brethren. Had Ludendorff grew up in the revolutionary milieu Russian Studententums; would he, like Lenin, the execution of his brother experienced at an early age by imperial executioners: we would likely see him at the top of the red Russia. While


Lenin, brought up in a Prussian cadet school, might have become an over-Ludendorff. What separates these two related natures, their intellectual level. Lenin's limitations seem heroic-aware of being Ludendorff narrowness naively unconsciously. Lenin is not just leaders - he is Spiritual; so to speak, a spiritualized Ludendorff. The same parallel can be drawn between two other representatives of the extreme left and right: Friedrich Adler and Count Arco. Both were murderers from idealism, martyrs to their convictions. Would eagle in militaristic reactionary milieu German blood nobility, Arco aufgewachsen- in socialist-revolutionary milieu Austrian intellectual aristocracy so would, probably, the ball Arcos the Prime Minister Stürgkh, the ball hit the eagle Prime Minister Eisner. Because even they are brothers, separated by the difference anerzogener prejudices, connected by the common heroic-selfless character. Again, the difference lies in the spiritual level (eagle's Spirit-Man), not in the purity of the mind. has (as far as he was healthy himself) in millennial symbiosis with the living and life-giving nature a wealth of vital forces collected and stored up. Manages a modern education, to sublimate a part of this increased life energy into the spiritual: then could, perhaps, the nobility of the past take a decisive role in the development of the nobility of the future.


​​10. Judaism and The Future Nobility

The mainstays of the intellectual aristocracy: of capitalism, journalism and Literature are Jews *. The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a major factor in future nobility.

A look at the history of the Jewish people explains its lead in the struggle for human leadership. Two thousand years ago, Judaism was a religious community, composed of ethically and religiously predisposed individuals from all nations of the ancient cultural world, with a national-Hebrew center in Palestine. Already at that time the common, unifying and primary idea was not nation, but religion. During the first millennium of the Christian era proselytes from all peoples were in this faith community who had one, last king and nobility amongst the people of the Mongolian Khazars, the masters of southern Russia. Only from then on the Jewish religious community joined forces in an artificial national community against all other nations *.

* This refers primarily to Central and Eastern Europe.

Through unspeakable persecutions Christian Europe tried for a millennium to exterminate the Jewish people. The result was that all Jews who were weak-willed, ruthless, opportunistic or skeptical were baptized, thereby to escape the torment of endless persecution. On the other hand there were those Jews who were clever and inventive enough were to win the struggle for existence in this difficult time. So eventually all these persecutions produced a small community, steeled by an heroically endured martyrdom for the idea and cleansed of all weak-willed and mentally poor elements. Instead of destroying Jewry, Europe has reluctantly, through this artificial selection process refined and educated the Jews to be a leader nation of the future. No wonder that this people, sprung from the ghetto prison, evolved into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus has a kind Providence, as the feudal nobility fell, bestowed by the Jewish emancipation a new breed of noble spirit and graces on Europe. The first typical representative of this future nobility was the revolutionary noble Jew Lassalle, who united to a high degree physical beauty with nobility of character and sharpness of the spirit: an aristocrat in the highest and truest sense of the word, he was a born leader and guiding light.

* See: "The essence of anti-Semitism" by Dr. Heinrich Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi (II. Edition, Paneuropa Verlag, Vienna)
* Ferdinand Lassalle, German communist and International Socialist.


Note: Judaism is the new nobility; but Judaism is the womb, from which a new, spiritual nobility of Europe is made; the core around which a new, spiritual nobility, an intellectual and urban master race is in education: idealists, witty and finely tuned, just and full of conviction, loyal, brave as the feudal nobility in its best days. They bear death and persecution, hatred and contempt happily in order to make mankind moral, spiritual and happy. The Jewish heroes and martyrs of the Eastern and Central European Revolution are the equal of The non-Jewish heroes of the World War and are superior in courage, perseverance and idealism. The essence of these men and women who try to redeem and regenerate mankind is a peculiar synthesis of religious and political elements: of heroic martyrdom and spiritual propaganda, revolutionary energy and social love, of justice and compassion. These traits, which once created the Christian world movement, they now set as the superior goal of the socialist movement. The Jews of the disinherited masses of Europe have been more richly gifted in spiritual salvation and morality than any other nation. Modern Judaism exceeds all other nations in its percentage of great men: scarcely one century after its liberation this small people stands today with Einstein at the forefront of modern science; with Mahler at the forefront of modern music; with Bergson at the forefront of modern philosophy; with Trotsky at the top


of modern politics. The prominent role that Judaism holds today, it owes to its own intellectual superiority, which enables it to triumph over hateful, jealous rivals in intellectual competition. Modern anti-Semitism is one of the many response phenomena of mediocrity against the excellent; is a modern form of ostracism applied against a whole people.

As a people Jewry experiences the eternal struggle of quantity against quality, inferior groups against higher individuals, inferior majorities against higher minorities. The main roots of anti-Semitism are limitedness and envy: narrowness in religious or scientific thought; envy in the spiritual or in ecomomics. The fact is that they have emerged from an international religious community, not from a local race, the Jews are the people of the strongest blood mixture; the fact that they cut themselves a thousand years from the other nations, they are the people with the strongest inbreeding. To unite, as the nobility, the elect among them willpower with mental acuity, while another part of the Jews displays the shortcomings of inbreeding with the deficiencies of the blood: lack of character and narrowness. Here we find holy self-sacrifice besides narrow selfishness, purest idealism next to crass materialism. Here, too, proves the rule: the more mixed a people, the more dissimilar their representatives are to each other, the more impossible it is to construct unit types.


Where there is much light, there is plenty of shade. Ingenious families have a higher percentage of lunatics and criminals than the mediocre; the same is true of nations. Not only the revolutionary spirit aristocracy of tomorrow are primarily recruited from Jews but also the plutocratic Kakistokracy [rotten plutocrats] of today : and thus sharpens the agitational weapon of anti-Semitism.

Millennial slavery has given the Jews, with rare exceptions, the form of the master race. Permanent suppression inhibits personal development: and therefore takes away a major element of the aesthetic noble ideal. The majority of Jews lack the outward display of suffering, physically and mentally, this deficiency is the main cause that the European instinct struggles against and causes them to fail to recognize Judaism as a noble race. Resentment due to suppression has burdened Jewry and gives it much vital tension; but makes for a lot of noble harmony. Excessive inbreeding, coupled with the the highly urban ghetto past has left many traits of physical and psychological decadence in its wake. What won the head of the Jews, has often lost their body; what their brains won, their nervous system has lost. So Judaism suffers from a hypertrophy of the brain and is in conflict with the aristocratic demand for harmonious personality development. The physical and nervous weakness of many spiritually excellent Jews leads the occurrence of a lack of physical courage (often in conjunction with the highest moral courage) and insecurity:

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 12:05 #11

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that appear today to be incompatible with the chivalrous ideal of an aristocratic people. So the spiritual Master Race of the Jews suffer from training as slaves of people who have impressed on him his historical development: today Jewish leaders and personalities wear the attitudes and gestures of an unfree, oppressed people. In their gestures debased aristocrats often appear more noble than excellent Jews. These shortcomings of Jewry, due to their historical environment will disappear as they undergo development again.

The rustic style of Judaism (a main objective of Zionism) is the result of the ghetto, Judaism can be freed of this through a sporting education. That this is possible is shown by the development of American Jewry. Judaism has won actual freedom and power and is gaining consciousness of the same, gradually the consciousness, posture and gesture of a free, powerful people will follow. Not only Jewry will change in the direction of Western aristocratic ideals but the Western aristocratic ideal will also experience a transformation as it meets Judaism halfway. In a more peaceful future in Europe the aristocracy will strip off its warlike character and undergo a spiritual - priestly swap. A pacified and socialized occident will need a lord and ruler no more - only leaders, educators, examples. In an oriental Europe of the future a knight will be more like a Brahmin aristocrat and or Mandarin.



The noble man of the future is neither feudal nor Jewish, neither bourgeois nor proletarian: he will be synthetic. The races and classes will disappear in the modern sense and the personalities will remain. Only by connecting with the best blood of the citizens, the viable elements of erstwhile feudal nobility will climb to new heights; only by uniting with the peaks of Gentile Europeanness will the Jewish element of the future nobility reach full development. The chosen people of the future may be a physical soup of the consummate body and gestures of rustic nobility, a mentally highly educated Urban nobility with spiritualized physiognomies. The nobility of the past was based on quantity: the feudal nobility limited by the number of ancestors; the plutocratic numbered a million. The nobility of the future will be based on quality: on personal value, personal perfection; on completion of the body, the soul, the spirit. Today, on the threshold of a new age, the random starting point is the former hereditary nobility;


instead of noble breeds there will be noble individuals: people whose random blood composition elevates them to model types. For this chance nobility of today the new international and inter-social noble race of tomorrow will emerge. All outstanding beauty, power, energy and spirit will be recognized and unite by the secret laws of erotic attraction. Only once the artificial barriers have fallen, the barriers feudalism and capitalism have built between people, then the most important men automatically fall for the most beautiful women and the most prominent women fall for the most perfect men. The more perfect then the physical, psychological, spiritual man will be - the greater the number of women from which he will be able to choose. Only the noblest men, will be free to mate with the finest women, and vice versa - the inferior will have to settle for the inferior. Then free love will be chosen as the erotic life of inferior and mediocre with free marriage. So the new breeding nobility of the future will not emerge from the artificial standards of human caste, but from the divine laws of erotic eugenics. The natural hierarchy of human perfection is to replace the artificial ranking and rid itself of feudalism and capitalism. Socialism, which started with the abolition of the nobility, with the levelling of mankind will culminate in the breeding of the nobility, in the differentiation of humanity. Here, in social eugenics, is


the highest historical mission, which is not yet recognized today: to move from unjust inequality through equality to equitable inequality, on the ruins of all the pseudo-aristocracy to a real, new nobility.

Posted 8th June 2015 by John
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 12:05 #12

Hi liz, thanks. :up:
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 12:19 #13

Letter To The People Of Europe Audio

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 12:36 #14

Without forgetting who the real enemy is..

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 12:58 #15

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Zorro wrote:
Letter To The People Of Europe Audio

Augustus Sol Invictus is this pseud's pseudonym and he has gone to great lengths to conceal his birth name.
I'm guessing that name was something along the lines of Moshe Cohen.
Drink deep of his wisdom - nazi chums.
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 02 Feb 2016 13:13 #16

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Help, help! The censorship inherent in Eva's system is repressing my freedom of expression.
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 14 Feb 2016 01:04 #17

Genocide is a term that has been banded about by politicians and the media whenever it suits their agenda, but what is the exact definition?

According to the Wikipedia page on the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948, as General Assembly Resolution 260:

Article 2 of the convention defines genocide as

...any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, such as:
(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Article 3 defines the crimes that can be punished under the convention:

(a) Genocide;

(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;

(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;

(d) Attempt to commit genocide;

(e) Complicity in genocide.

I’m going to take us back to 1922, and ask you this question, have you ever heard of Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi?

Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, was a Mason and President of the Pan-European Union (founded in 1923 and subsequently financed by the Jew, Max Warburg*), who wrote the following passages in his book, “Praktischer Idealismus, (Practical Idealism)”

“The man of the future will be a mongrel. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

“What mainly separates the Jews from the average city dwellers is the fact that they are inbred people. Strength of character paired with sharpness of the mind predestinates the Jews in their most excellent specimen to become the leaders of urbane humanity, from the false to the genuine spiritual aristocrats to the protagonists of capitalism as well as of the revolution.”

“The main representatives of the corrupt as well as the upright brain aristocracy: of capitalism, journalism and the literate are Jews. The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.”

*Coudenhove-Kalergi, confirms the Warburg(Rothschild family) financing of the Pan-European Union in his later autobiography in which he states,

“At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of his friends, Max Warburg from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us. To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks, to tide the movement over for its first three years.”

“Max Warburg, who was one of the most distinguished and wisest men that I have ever come into contact with, had a principle of financing these movements. He remained sincerely interested in Pan-Europe for his entire life. Max Warburg arranged my 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch.”

The Wikipedia page on Coudenhove-Kalergi conveniently avoids mentioning any Jewish ancestry he may have, so have a look at his picture below and I’ll let you be the judge.

Now let’s see what has happened since this Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

In 1945 immediately after the end of World War 2, the first wave of Afro-Caribbean immigrants arrives in Britain on the SS Empire Windrush. This increases exponentially throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s, upon the pretext that they were needed to work in the medical and transportation industries. This claim of a labour shortage is utter nonsense! Anyone with a basic grasp of economics would realize that employment is governed by supply and demand, therefore if you do not have enough workers in a particular sector, you offer a greater salary, to attract them into it. The fallacy that immigration was needed to fill jobs that British workers did not want to do, is just an excuse to kick off the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, and provides further evidence that the Second World War was simply a means of culling the whites in order to give the British government the opportunity to replace them with non-whites at the end of the war. (See My Book, The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, and Uncensored, for a chronological history of Jews financing both sides in war on Amazon HERE)

Furthermore the British population are not given the opportunity to vote on whether or not this immigration should be allowed, even though it would lead to the largest racial transformation of society in Great Britain’s history. Indeed there will never be an opportunity for British people to vote on immigration into their country, maybe that is due to the two major political parties, or rather their as yet un-named future controllers, the Labour Friends Of Israel and the Conservative Friends Of Israel, never suggesting it…

A few wise people in the United States were awakening to this Jewish plot when in 1950 the, “Christian Anti-Jewish Party,” of Atlanta, Georgia, published a flyer which reads as follows:

“JEWISH LIFE, official organ of the Jewish section of the Communist party, in its June 1950 issue on page 8, states:

“Our job as Jewish Communists is to take the lead in educating the Jewish masses on the meaning of white supremacy and to enrol the Jewish community in an all-out fight against it. This is paramount in our work in the struggle for negro rights. This is vital to the struggle of the Jewish people for their own security and future.”

It has surprised some people to find out that the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People {NAACP} is NOT a Negro BUT the JEW ARTHUR SPINGARN. It is the Jews who are leading the fight to destroy segregation in Atlanta schools.

The NAACP is sponsoring suits all over the country and in the U.S. Supreme Court to break down Racial Segregation and open up our White schools, restaurants, busses and hotels to negroes. All important Jewish organizations are against Segregation and have petitioned Congress for an anti-White FEPC law.

A Jew, Julius Rosenwald, spent $30 million financing organizations and writers that promote mongrelization. A race once mongrelized is mongrelized forever.

America must awaken to the Jew attack against White People!

For more information on the Jew manace to the White Race write:

Christian Anti-Jewish Party, P.O.Box 48, Atlanta GA.”

Their warning went unheeded and thus their fears became reality.

Let’s go forward to 1965, where again in the U.S.A the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 is passed. The purpose of this law is to open the floodgates to African and Asian immigrants who were prevented entry under the previous National Origins legislation which restricted immigration on the basis of the existing racial demographic. An example of the way National Origins legislation worked is say if in 1960 the American population consisted of 25% German Americans, then Germans could account for no more that 25% of the American Immigration quota for that year, thus ensuring their would be no racial or cultural transformation of the country. Don’t be fooled by the Jewish controlled media talking heads of today telling you America is a, “Nation Of Immigrants,” when it was in actuality a nation of White immigrants who from 1776 all the way up to 1965, kept it that way.
Fighting for the imposition of this Act bestowed on the White American people, is the Jewish Senator Jacob Javits, who wrote an article entitled, “Let’s Open The Gates,” proposing immigration levels of 500,000 a year for 20 years with no regard for national origin.

In the years prior to the passing of this Act, several organizations lobbied the Senate Subcommittee in support of open immigration. The names of these organizations? The American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, the ACLU, and the B’nai B’rith…

This Act was also known as the Hart-Celler Act, taken from the names of its’ sponsors, Congressman Emanuel Celler (Jewish) and Philip A. Hart (not Jewish), although he worked closely with a group called the American Immigration and Citizenship Conference in an effort to get the 1965 Act passed. That Conference included 12 Jewish groups alongside the heavily-Jewish ACLU.

So, in other words, before this Act was passed immigration into the United States was almost exclusively white, yet after its’ passing immigration has become almost exclusively non-white. This Act was purely and simply Communist legislation designed to destroy a Republic.

Now go back to the beginning of this Article and read Article 2 and 3 of the United Nations convention on Genocide and ask yourselves if the Jews behind the 1965 Immigration Act, “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group?”

Let’s take a trip back across the pond to Great Britain now, where in 1965 (the same year as the United States Immigration Act – just a coincidence, nothing to worry about), the Jewish Home Secretary, Frank Soskice, passed into law the, “Race Relations Act,” which incidentally was drafted by, “The Board Of Deputies Of British Jews.” This led to the, “Commission For Racial Equality,” which led to the so-called, “hate-laws,” which were designed to prevent native white Britons from speaking out against the constant flood of immigration transforming the white nation their ancestors created into a nation devoid of national or racial identity.

Do you think the Jews behind these calculated moves in destroying the racial hegemony of both the United States and England, were following any principles in this 1948 quote from, David Petegorsky, the Director of the, “American Jewish Congress,” in which he stated,

“Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.”

Again I draw your attention to Article 2 and 3 of the United Nations convention on Genocide and ask yourselves if the Jews behind the Race Relations Act, “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group?”

Now let’s jump forward to more recent times, the year 2008 in fact, when in October the newly established European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) held its inaugural meeting in Paris, where co-chair, the former Jewish President of Poland (1995 – 2005), Aleksander Kwasniewski stated,

“Integration will be one of our most important focuses. But both sides must participate in this process. The host country must learn to embrace multiculturalism. But the immigrants must realize that they must learn the language of the host country and respect its customs.”

Article 2 and 3, anyone?

Moving onto 2010 when Barbara Lerner Spectre, a Jewess who founded, Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, reveals Jewish plans to mongrelize the white nations in an interview with IBA-News in which she states,

“I think there’s a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

You can watch the YouTube presentation in which she makes this statement here

What she appears to be implying in a rather sinister manner, is if white nations do not accept the influx of immigrants thrust onto them by Jews, the Jews will not allow those nations to exist.

You can watch the YouTube presentation in which he makes this statement here

In 2014, the Jewish Deputy Director for The Norwegian Centre Against Racism, Ervin Kohn states proudly, “the Norwegian societies have a very short history with ethnic minorities at a scale, so there is a job to be done!”

See how the Jews are now targeting Scandinavia as it is the last group of nations in Europe to have a predominantly white population. Indeed even the mainstream media have admitted that where I live in London, England, whites are now in the minority, evidence you can find in the YouTube below.

Going back to Barbara Lerner Spectre and Ervin Kohn, do you think their statements breach Article 2 and 3 of the United Nations convention on Genocide, and could these two Jews plans be deemed, “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group?”

I now want to move onto the media. In 2006 www.themediachannel.org produced a chart showing the Jewish control behind the six largest media companies in the world. These companies are: Vivendi Universal; AOL Time Warner; Disney; News Corporation; Viacom; and Bertelsmann AG.

As you can see these Jews control literally thousands of newspaper and television media outlets between them, which they frequently use to promote diversity, which many commentators on the internet have recently pointed out is a codeword for white genocide. I beg to differ, it is actually a codeword for, “Jewish Genocide of the White Race,” which is evident when you study the ethnicity of the players behind it. Ask yourself this question folks, diversity is only promoted in the white nations. Have you ever heard diversity promoted in China, India, or Africa, because they have a too dominant Chinese, Indian or African population? Absolutely NOT! Now ask yourself why and you can only come to one conclusion.

The sole purpose of the media is to spread propaganda designed to implement the final stage of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, which is purely and simply the assimilation of the white race and the non-white immigrants that will eventually lead to the extinction of the white race. Ask yourself these questions:

How many mixed race couples do you see in advertising, television and film these days?

How many non-whites do you see as newsreaders or reporters on news channels? Are they strategically placed there to suggest that they are the intelligentsia?

How many times do you see the white man represented in films, television, or advertising as feeble, weak, and stupid, a nerd if you will, and the black man represented as someone noble and strong that the white woman needs to depend on?

How many strong white men do you see in the music industry, or are they largely metro-sexual types, whilst black rappers are presented as the cornerstone of masculinity?

How many news stories do you see describing an unsolved robbery, rape, or murder, and how often do they describe the suspect as non-white even though the authorities know they are, which is confirmed by a follow-up story of them being arrested and charged. Also note the follow up story is never given as much predominance when they are compelled to tell you that the offender is non-white.

How many times have you seen the media reporting acts or accusations of racism as their top story, above other more relevant stories of war, murder, and the economy?

How many times do you see anti-racism campaigns promoted in sports?

How many times do you hear the term, “hate,” or, “racist,” applied to people who vent justifiable verbal anger at the racial changes being enforced on their countries by a Jewish controlled totalitarian government? And as for the term, “hate crime,” being applied to these people who speak out under the false assumption that their, “so-called,” democratic societies allow them free speech, surely the true hate-crimes are being perpetrated by the Jews who endeavour to destroy the cultural and racial structure of their communities?


Why is immigration supported by whatever political party is in power in whatever white nation, and why in the last few years is it being undertaken at breakneck speed?

With regard to political parties, look at their stance on immigration. A so-called mainstream right wing party will always promise to limit immigration in the run up to an election, but they NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, suggest reversing it and repatriating immigrants to their countries of origin. If they are so patriotic and right wing – WHY WOULD THEY NOT SUGGEST THIS? Indeed the 1965 U.S.A. Immigration Act is now largely defunct because America leaves its borders wide open and through gradualism changes the term, “illegal aliens,” to, “illegal immigrants,” now we are told they are, “undocumented workers,” and should all be given full citizenship even though they have broken the law by entering the U.S.A illegally!

The movers and shakers behind the promotion of immigration almost always seem to include dual American-Israeli citizens that are vastly over-represented in the United States Congress and Senate, indeed official consensus figures state the Jews are only supposed to represent 2% of the American population, yet just look at what percentage of them are in American politics.

Again I refer you back to Article 2 and 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG)

The media have been found to consistently cover up interracial crime to such an extent that in 2013, Colin Flaherty published a book entitled, “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It,” which documents over 500 cases of black on white violence in America, along with details of how the national media choose to ignore reporting it.

Now let’s move onto Hollywood. Jewish reporter, Joel Stein, bragged in a 2008 Los Angeles Times article entitled, “Who runs Hollywood? C'mon,” that all the major studio chiefs were Jewish and he was proud of that fact. As we know Hollywood movies are distributed worldwide, arguably with the purpose of moulding their audiences into a liberal Jewish mindset, and you find the more recent the film, the more likely the mixed race cast of actors, which in turn suggests the normality of race-mixing, leading to its acceptance.

Yet nowhere in mainstream television or film these days will you see evidence of the racist savagery committed on whites by blacks as evidenced in Colin Flaherty’s book.

As these stories are sourced from local news, yet never broadcast by national mainstream news, ask yourself why the national mainstream news media you are offered are only telling you the news they want you to hear?

The percentage of immigrants on benefits in the white nations is higher than the native populations across the board. Do you know why? Every time someone on benefits has another child they get more benefits, and you know who pays for it, YOU DO, in your taxes. So in other words it is in their interests to breed more. Yet if you work for a living it is in your interests to breed less, as you have less money to spend with each child you have, whereas the immigrants have more money to spend with each child they have. The more children they have, the bigger house they get, whilst you will have your children making do with the house you can afford. Are you now waking up to your government’s plan to breed more immigrants than the native white population they are supposed to represent?

The population explosions in India, China, South America, and Africa, not to mention the substantially higher birth rates amongst immigrants in white nations as oppose those of the native white populations are phenomenal. But did you know this…


If this dramatic reduction happened to any other species of life on this planet there would be an outcry amongst environmental groups. Restricted areas and breeding programs would be set up to reverse the trend. So what happens in the case of the white nations? The immigration into their countries increases at an exponential rate alongside the governmental and media promotion of, “Diversity!”

So let’s recap, we have Jewish financial backing of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to kill off the white race, Jewish lobbying and execution of the U.S.A Immigration Act and the U.K. Race Relations Act to put the pieces in place to carry out the plan, Jewish ownership of the media that constantly push propaganda promoting race-mixing that executes the plan, and evidence from the mouths of two Jews that they are openly attempting to change the racial make-up of both Sweden and Norway.

Once again I refer you to Article 2 and 3 of the United Nations convention on Genocide and ask yourselves if these Jews, “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group?”

As I have evidenced above, there is absolutely no doubt that Jews control both White Western governments through political party funding and lobbying groups, and there is absolutely no doubt that the Jewish owned media constantly promote diversity and race-mixing, which is surreptitiously designed to reduce the native white population. If that is not "Jewish Genocide Of The White Race," I don't know what is! CASE CLOSED! andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/Jewish-Genocide-Of-The-White-Race---Case-Closed!.php
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 14 Feb 2016 10:42 #18

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Why would teh jooz want to destroy whites and christians? We're the closest thing to allies that they have and they are never going to out-fuck the muslims and chinese.
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 14 Feb 2016 13:44 #19

The Embers of Europe Are Dying

The Embers of Europe are dying,
The phoenix is sleeping in peace,
But no rest for the peoples of Europe,
The nations that bankers must fleece;
No peace from political traitors,
There’s never respite from their wars;
Now the Embers of Europe are dying,
Invaders are kicking its doors.

The flickering flames of revival,
Snuffed out by the treacherous few,
Curtains are falling on Europe,
Poisoned by media’s brew,
Snared by the tricks of the plotter,
Corrupted by men bearing gold,
As the darkness descends upon Europe,
The embers are fast growing cold.

The Embers of Europe are dying,
Who shall breathe life to the flame?
The beacons once lit by its savior,
Who mustn’t be mentioned by name.
His beacon is still shining brightly,
A signal that shows us the way,
The embers of Europe will flicker,
If true men will enter the fray.

Mike Walsh
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe 21 Feb 2016 15:36 #20

Everyone's talking about immigration now. Everyone's angry about the unfairness of immigration now. Everyone knows it's wrecking Europe and Britain

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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