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TOPIC: Take 2# .. Jews in Poland Welcome the Invading Red Army - The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Take 2# .. Jews in Poland Welcome the Invading Red Army - The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 22 Mar 2021 21:40 #1

This post which is part of a valid historical document, was arbitrarily removed from the History sub and placed onto another thread where it mixes in with 250 pages of spam, that is how the ZioJew / Askenazi / ZioNazi alliance works by suppressing the truth, here we have replaced the thread and will request the mod to keep his sticky fingers away.

More atrocities committed by Jews against the Poles - ''Numerous testimonies attest to the prominent role played by Jews in the militias and revolutionary committees that sprung up both spontaneously and at Soviet urging. These entities often played a decisive part in getting the new regime and its machinery of repression off the ground. Their activities were buttressed by large numbers of individual collaborators acting on their own initiative in furtherance of the Soviet cause.''


''Throughout Eastern Poland, militias and revolutionary committees were formed by local Jewish, Belorussian and Ukrainian pro-Soviet elements. One of the first tasks undertaken by the militias was disarming the remnants of the Polish state police in anticipation of the arrival of the Red Army. With the blessing of the Soviet invaders, local collaborators apprehended, robbed, and even murdered Polish officials, policemen, teachers, politicians, community leaders, landowners, and “colonists” (i.e., interwar settlers)—the so-called enemies of the people. They also robbed and set fire to Polish property and destroyed Polish national and religious monuments.

Scores of murders of individuals and groups have been recorded. Plundering of Polish property took on massive proportions, with the spoils enriching the collaborators’ families and their community.'' ''A pro-Communist band with red armbands and armed with blades and axes, consisting of Jews and Belorussians and led by a Jewish trader by the name of Zusko Ajzik, entered the village, dragged people out of their houses screaming, and cruelly massacred the entire Polish population, possibly as many as fifty people.

The victims included Count Antoni Wołkowicki and his wife Ludwika, his brother-in-law Zygmunt Woynicz-Sianożęcki, the county reeve and his secretary, the accountant, the mailman, and the local teacher. The victims of this orgy of violence were tortured, tied with barbed wire, pummelled with sticks, forced to swallow quicklime, thrown into a ditch and buried alive. The paralyzed Countess Ludwika Wołkowicka was dragged to the execution site by her hair. The murder was ordered by Żak Motyl, a Jew who headed the revolutionary committee in Brzostowi''.

Occupation of Poland 1939 - Wiki.

''For example, one night a group of Poles was arrested by local Jews overseen by the NKVD. The victims were then examined and investigated using “light torture” methods such as hitting on the head, while it was covered with cardboard, with the spine of a book or a heavy book or a rubber club.''

''A militia consisting mostly of Jews soon appeared on the streets of Tarnopol. Dressed in Polish military coats and armed with Polish rifles, they entered homes searching for those who were now wanted by the new authorities. The jails were filled and executions abounded: While descending to the first floor level, we saw five Polish officers being led by Soviet soldiers out of an unrented, unfurnished apartment where the officers had slept the night before.

We followed them to the street. … A few moments later, we saw the five officers lined up against the wall of a small white house under the bridge and shot dead by an impromptu firing squad. … Two Polish uniformed railroad men escorted by the Soviets passed us, followed by two escorted mail carriers. Seconds later, we heard a volley of shots. All were executed on the same spot where the five officers had been executed.''

Killings of Judges, Policemen, Teachers .. ''an NKVD officer made the rounds in the company of his aide, a local Jew from the town’s newly formed Red militia, who fingered Polish officers and members of the educated class, now the so-called enemies of the people, by their occupation: judge, teacher, policeman, civil servant, forest-ranger, landowner''

''Many Jews joined the local militia in Sarny. The militia, composed of Jews and Ukrainians, took an active part in assisting the NKVD in its searches and arrests of Poles. Local Jews armed with handguns, accompanied by a few Soviet soldiers, marched Polish policemen in groups of five to their place of execution in a nearby forest. During the ordeal the Jews spat at the policemen and called them derogatory names.''

''And thus immediately began the cleansing of the Polish population. Jews with red armbands, as representatives of the authorities, started to liquidate the Polish police, post offices, and above all took care of the military officers and soldiers. The officers were deported; those who defended themselves were shot. Polish soldiers who tried to escape to Romania over the Carpathians were killed'."

Killings of Catholic priests - ''Equally despicable were the murders of Catholic clergymen carried out by roving gangs of Jews and Belorussians in September 1939, such as that of Rev. Bronisław Fedorowicz, the pastor of Skrundzie near Słonim, and those of Rev. Antoni Twardowski, pastor of Juraciszki near Wołożyn, and the latter’s cleric, the Jesuit Stanisław Zuziak.'' Jews being informants and aides to the Soviets - ''At this time they ordered the compulsory registration of the population and the issuance of temporary identity documents or attestations.

For which the population was afraid to go and show themselves to the Soviet authorities, at whose side local Jews sat as clerks and provided an opinion about every Pole who came to register'' ''In Baranowicze, Jews filled the ranks of the Red militia and denounced Polish officers, policemen, teachers, and government officials to the NKVD. At night black box-like carriages arrived at the homes of these people. They were loaded on and taken to the train station, from where they were deported to the Gulag never to be heard from again''

''A Polish woman recalls how the shopkeeper Rumkowa’s son, her Jewish neighbours who knew the townspeople well, helped the Soviets round up and arrest targeted Poles in Nowa Wilejka. When the Germans arrived in mid-1941 and the Lithuanian police started to harass the Jews, this same Jewish shopkeeper bemoaned what was happening to the Jews." ''In Białystok, the NKVD utilized the members of the largely Jewish citizens’ committee, which was formed before the entry of the Red Army, to create a workers’ militia armed with weapons confiscated from Polish soldiers.

The militia carried out huge numbers of searches in Polish homes'' - ''On October 12, 1939, a Jewish neighbour, who had played in the Firefighters orchestra before the war and now donned a red armband, led the NKVD to the Szyłkiewicz home in Zabłudów, a family active in the Catholic Action movement, to arrest Bronisława Szyłkiewicz. She was imprisoned in Białystok and later transferred to the prison in Gorki, in the Soviet interior.

Other prominent Poles were also arrested in Zabłudów at that time, based on lists of “socially dangerous elements” that local Jews who worked closely with the NKVD helped to draw up'' ''the local Jewish militia later proved to be an extremely useful tool for the Soviet occupiers in carrying out tasks such as stealing the church bell and preparing lists of Poles for deportation'' - ''The many Ukrainians and members of the Jewish poorer classes who spontaneously greeted the Red Army soldiers started to show their enmity toward the Poles, who were in the minority.

They searched for Polish officials and civil servants and for escapees from the western and central regions who had sought refuge from the Germans, and pointed them out to the NKVD. Massive arrests of those fingered and deportations followed.''

''But as disconcerting was the emergence of a local Jewish militia which was friendly to the Red Army and had made its appearance even before the enemy had marched in. Armed and organized its first task was to arrest the students and Boy Scouts who had been posted as guards and who carried old carbines in some cases taller than them. The Jews roughed up the shocked youngsters who had considered their captors as friends and classmates, before turning them over to the Soviets from whom they had prior directions.

What was the fate of those young Poles? In many cases torture and death. This Jewish militia would help carry out the Soviet’s dirty work during their occupation''. ''In Równe, In the newly formed militia, which engaged members of the local population, there were very many Jews. Undoubtedly the auxiliary apparatus of the NKVD, and thus agents of all kinds, also took in many of them. The local population—Jews and Ukrainians—helped the Soviets a great deal … They chased down Polish patriots and handed them over to the NKVD.''

''In nearby Dolina, the NKVD, accompanied by two local Jews known to the Poles, descended on a home to arrest young Polish men who belonged to Polish patriotic organizations. One of the young Poles was killed in the local jail; the others were deported to Siberia''' - Jews killing Town officials - ''In Sarny (Volhynia), local Jews armed with handguns, accompanied by a few Soviet soldiers, marched Polish town officials in groups of five to their place of execution in a nearby forest'' - Jews welcoming the Soviet invaders and displaying their hatred towards of the Poles.

''The Germans first occupied Brześć on September 15, 1939, but already by the end of the month the Red Army entered, greeted enthusiastically by the Jewish community with bread and salt and flowers… From that time we Poles often heard slurs and threats directed against us… I will never forget the sight of a Polish policeman—led in handcuffs by militiamen along Jagiellońska Street—who was surrounded by Jews howling and spitting at him, throwing rubbish and stones at him, and disparaging him cruelly''

''I recognized many neighbours and acquaintances among those who were now jostling Poles and eyeing their property for future theft. Jewish men offered gifts to the Russians while their wives and daughters kissed their tanks. Among this rabble were criminals released from jail by the Soviets to create mayhem. They were all emboldened by posters that had suddenly appeared urging various groups to attack Poles with axes and scythes''

''On the eve of the Soviet invasion, armed Jews attacked the railway workers in Stanisławów in order to seize control of the train station. When the Soviets arrived in the city, Jewish houses were decorated with red flags and banners bearing slogans like “Long Live Wise Stalin.”

''In Kałusz, the invading Soviet army was greeted boisterously by entire throngs of the Jewish community who called out [in Russian], “Our people are coming.” They bore red armbands on their sleeves and bountiful bouquets of flowers which they threw on the vehicles; they embraced the tanks with their bodies. And these were Jews who we knew had property and shops… Polish children began to be discriminated against by Jewish children who yelled, “Oy vey, where’s your Poland?”

Neighbours: On the Eve of the Holocaust - Polish-Jewish Relations in Soviet Occupied Eastern Poland1939–1941, by Mark Paul PEFINA Press,Toronto 2018 pdf.
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Take 2# .. Jews in Poland Welcome the Invading Red Army - The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 22 Mar 2021 21:41 #2

Onward Christian Soldiers: An American Journalist's Dissident Look at World War II pdf.

The exact same sequence of events happened in the Baltic states when the soviets invaded, as reported by locals and by American reporter Donald Day long term Baltic Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, as described in his book, "Onward Christian Soldiers." Day says he witnessed mobs of Jews cheering the arrival of the Red Army at the train station in Latvia, that he had to leave immediately since the Reds planned to assassinate him for his unfavorable reporting on their famines and despotism - Many of the locals would be rounded up and disappeared. Poal.

Austrian Anschluss, March 1938.

As well there were reports of Nazi troops being welcomed when they marched into Austria March 12, 1938, while no less an authority than Dr Steve Pieczenik former Deputy Assistant US Secretary of State under the tutelage of Henry Kissinger, who said on his website in a piece that appears to have been redacted, that French Military Police closed roads and held up traffic while they directed Wehrmacht tanks to the right roads during the 1939 German Invasion.

France Under Occupation: Memory, Myth, and Misogyny pdf.

Jew Steve Pieczenik who we quote above is a qualified psychiatrist whose career epitomizes CIA thence Zionist infiltration of the US State Department from where he engineered the 1978 kidnap & murder of former Italian PM Aldo Moro, as well he is believed to have been at least partly with Hillary Clinton and the CIA in the 1994 Zionist sponsored Rwanda Genocide. Tutsi & Hutu, Steve Pieczenik Talks.

Rwanda: Capturing a Vision of Hell.
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